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Adolescent Hair Loss and Baldness

Using an appropriate hat or head covering is one way to disguise your baldness or hair loss, as many people will wear similar.

Although hair loss, or baldness, is primarily found in adults, and is thus something adolescents do not need to worry about, some teens may actually find themselves dealing with the problem of hair loss.

Baldness, or hair loss during adolescence is a telltale sign that something is not right.

It may mean that the teen is not eating right, or is sick, or is taking something that is causing the baldness or hair loss to occur.

Some medications and treatments, such as chemotherapy, and tight hair-styles, like braids and corn rows, can cause adolescent male baldness. Males who braid their hair tightly are at risk of causing their own baldness and hair loss.

There are two types of adolescent male baldness or hair loss – that which is temporary, and that which is permanent.

Permanent hair loss, however, is often reversible, using medicines and such.

  So even if the adolescent is suffering from a family genetic trait of adolescent male pattern baldness, that doesn't mean he has to go bald early, or lose lots of his hair.

The earlier the intervention to stop adolescent hair loss and baldness, the better and faster are the outcomes.


Adolescent hair loss and baldness can be a symptom of illness

Hair loss may be one of the first signs that you are sick, so it is generally feared as an indicator of being gravely ill, though this is not necessarily the case.

Teens who go through chemotherapy because of cancer often have a particularly difficult time with their appearance and may lose self-confidence and have psychological problems develop.

To prevent this, many disguise their baldness using things such as hats, bandanas and wigs.

For most teens, though, the hair loss is only temporary, so don't go crazy worrying about it, but certainly get the adolescent's health checked out. Make sure a doctor checks the adolescent out thoroughly to find out why the adolescent / teenager is suffering from hair loss and or baldness.

Pay attention to diet and medications, see if there is a problem there that can be addressed.


Not adolescent male pattern baldness?

Then there are still lots to do, such as find out the medical prognosis and what to do.

There is always hair transplant surgery, provided the scalp is able to take the graft.  Genesis is also an option if the scalp is undamaged.



Picture of adolescent male wearing snow cap courtesy of Faewilk / Picture of male with tight hair braids that may cause baldness, courtesy of Ecerroni



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