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Full baldness is very rare in anyone, but even much more so in women Hair loss and baldness are only a problem if it causes emotional or psychological problems.



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Eyebrow Hair Loss

Plucking eyebrows may seem stylich at the time, but plucking can mean the plucked hairs wont grow back, making your style somewhat permanent.

We are so keen to make our face and body beautiful, that we may damage our eyebrows, resulting in permanent eyebrow hair loss.

The body and face reflects our image as a person, and if it's not well-nourished or being taken care of, it may lead to complications.

This is true with our eyebrows.  When people lose their eye brows they may feel different about themselves, that people will stare and notice. 

Eye brow hair loss, may give rise to feelings of inferiority, lower self confidence - so we also need to take care of them.

The eyebrows give the frame to our face, without it your self image may entirely change.


Have you heard of the effect that over-plucking can lead to the loss of eye-brows?

When overly plucked, the eye brows can entirely cease to grow, as the hair follicles have been destroyed by the repeated ripping out action.

This happened to my mum when she was a teenager.  She overplucked her eyebrows and they failed to grow back.  She regretted it for a lifetime, and always had to use a make up pencil to draw them on.

Eyebrows frame the eyes giving them much distinction and beauty, so the eyebrows do need to be protected from hair loss.

There are also various conditions that can lead to temporary and/or permanent eyebrow damage.

Some of them are in the lists below, with descriptions given. 

These listed items can lead to the loss of one's eyebrows, but mostly it is a temporary hair loss with the eyebrows regrowing once the body has recovered.


Disease of the Endocrine gland/hormonal imbalance

Any condition that is really affecting the hormones may lead to baldness in the eyebrow area.

For example, the cause of eyebrow loss can be due to pregnancy or a disease of thyroid gland.

Also, drugs that specifically target the hormones, such as pills for birth control, can also lead to eye brow hair loss.

Luckily when you address the circumstances above, the eyebrows will likely regrow.


Drugs/Chemicals related

Many chemical related medications and treatments cause users harmful effects - called side effects.

All drug therapies carry warnings, and some of those warnings can include hair loss. Hair loss doesn't just cover the scalp hair, but all hair on the body, including the eyebrows.

Always check the possible side effects of the medication you are given, and weigh up very carefully with your doctor if the medication is worth the risk of those complications - If you are already prone to losing hair, one should opt for medications that are known NOT to cause loss of hair.

A chemical agent or medication frequently given to cancer patients, like Cyclophosphamide, Interferon, Interleuken, etc… are well known for leading to hair loss.


What treatments and remedies for the loss of hair from your eyebrows?

If any of above listed events is the cause of hair loss from your eyebrows, consulting a skin specialist or the doctor who put you on them, may yield a useful medication that may restore the eyebrow hairs.

Failing that, hair transplant surgery may be the answer, using a newly devised cloning technique so as not to deplete the remaining eyebrow hairs.

Use eyebrow marker pens and pencils to provide eyebrows - you can be inventive too, and draw the eyebrows in, in a different shape to the norm.

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