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Hair Loss Treatment for Males

The drugs, medicines and herbal products that work to stop and reverse hair loss in 95% of men

Male pattern baldness cure

Hair loss treatments for males basically all target the effect of DHT, as DHT is the cause of male pattern baldness, and male pattern baldness accounts for 95% of men with baldness and hair loss.

Therefore, if we focus hair loss treatment on the control of DHT, our male pattern baldness / alopecia and hair loss are pretty well going to be stopped or on the mend. Either way, that's good news.

There are three types of hair loss treatments for male pattern baldness on this page.

  • The first are the hair loss treatment drugs you buy - with or without prescription - these are the really bug guns in hair loss treatment / hair regrowing.

  • The second is a hair loss treatment that you can buy online, that combines drug and herbs and vitamins.

  • The third type are hair loss treatments that try to encourage scalp health.

Here you can see an advanced case of male pattern baldness - baldness is medically known as alopecia.

Hair Loss Treatment Drugs

Presently, there are three pharamaceutical medicines - drugs - that can help prevent and cure hair loss -- finasteride (Propecia), and minoxidil (Rogaine), and cypionate - and qualify as a cure for male pattern baldness.

Unfortunately,these can not be found in the National Health Service, nor is it normally covered by health funds, so paying full price for them is necessary, if you want to use these drugs as a cure for your male pattern baldness.

Lady with a good head of hair

The finasteride hair loss treatment:

Finasteride has been around since it was introduced to the USA in 1997, although it wasn't launched in the UK until 2002. Finasteride is sold under the brand name "Propecia" for the 1% solution, and "Proscar" for the 5% solution .

It stops the creation of dihydrotestosterone, a form of testosterone converted to its state by enzymes formed in prostate, scalp and adrenal glands called 5-alpha reductase.

Hair follicles are no longer affected by this hormone, and can increase their growth cycles back to their regular length and strengthen again.

In 2 out of 3 men, taking finasteride tablets daily causes slight hair re-growth, and in the other 1 out of 3, no hair re-growth occurs, although no further hair loss is noticed.

Propecia has been proven to be very efficient at slowing down baldness, which is what has given it a great reputation.

Propecia is NOT so good in promoting the growth of new hair from hair follicles that have lost their hair, it's strength lays in protecting and strengthening the remaining hair follices that are already producing hair. However, it appears to be effective at encouraging new hair in 48% of men.

Even though this is wonderful, in 1 out of 100 men there is absolutely no effect whatsoever.

There are some key points about finasteride you should be aware of:

1. It takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months for any effects of the drug to be noticed, and up to 1 to 2 years for full hair re-growth.

2. Hair re-growth stops immediately if treatment is halted. Therefore, if you wish to be successful, you must carry through with your treatment.

3. Side-effects are extremely uncommon, although the most common, found in 2 out of 100 men, is Libido, or loss of sex drive.
It can also decrease semen count and cause erectile dysfunction (lacking the ability to erect). On a positive side effect, Propecia can enhance ones feeling of psychological well being and helps counteract the feelings of depression or anxiety.

4. It does sometimes work in women, as they do sometimes produce testosterone in greater quantities, and, consequently, dihydrotestosterone.

5. It is somewhat expensive, (£30 per month,) and requires a private prescription.

The other male baldness medication is Finasteride.  This male baldness medication comes in pill form, and effectively reduces the amount of DHT, which is the basic hormone accountable for hair loss in males.


The minoxidil hair loss treatment

The Minoxidil lotion must be rubbed on, applied to the bald spot or scalp, to encourage the hair to grow back and is available without a prescription.

Minoxidil has two strengths - 2% and 5%. There are patients who find the 5% prescription of this hair loss treatment to be more efficient than its 2% variety.

However, the minoxidil hair loss treatment can be irritating to the scalp and give your hair an oily feeling.  For this reason, many men prefer the 2% one.

Minoxidil has been the main chosen male baldness medication for years now, due to the fact that this male baldness medication can slow down baldness and can encourage new hair to grow from dormant hair follicles.

for The Minoxidil hair loss treatment for men has a 26% success rate for regrowing hair, and is marketed under the names "Rogaine", "Avacor", "Hair Advantage" and "Follicare". It has only a 19% success rate as a female hair loss treatment.


The cypionate hair loss treatment

This drug treatment when used as a male pattern baldness cure, is applied topically as a cream to the area you want to stimulate hair regrowth in.

It's hair loss treatment effect is achieved by blocking dihydrotestosterone from reaching the hair follicle area.

Obviously, this cure for male pattern baldness, requires the cream to be applied regularly, so as to continue blocking the dihydrotestosterone. 

Once the cream is stopped, so will the hair growth stop, and so will male pattern baldness progress.

WARNING:  DO NOT TAKE THE CYPIONATE PILLS TABLETS ETC - doing so will likely worsen your hair loss and balding.  Use only in the topical cream designed for counteracting hair loss.  Taken internally, cypionate increases DHT levels.


An Online Hair Loss Treatment that works

There is one online hair loss treatment that seems worthwhile mentioning - Provillus.

The Provillus Hair Loss Treatment

Before Prior to using the hair loss treatment Provillus After using the hair loss treatment Provillus After

Provillus uses a multi-attack approach to hair loss and baldness: 5% Minoxidil topical solution which is applied to the scalp to remove the hair destroying DHT, and Provillus also uses a vitamin and herbal pill specifically designed to reduce DHT production and provide the hair follicles with much needed focused nutrients, to stimulate hair growth.

So Provillus gets rid of the bad DHT that has greatly reduced the nutrient supply to the hair follicle. Provillus also reduces the body's production of DHT, so that the Minoxidil can do an even better job of getting rid of the DHT and keeping it gone, and if that weren't good enough, Provillus is also feeding the hair follicles the very herbs and nutrients the hair follicles need to regrow YOUR hair!

The final result, Provillus appears to be very effective at reversing baldness and in the regrowth of hair from dormant follicles, as can be seen in the before and after photos above.

The FDA has approved 5% Minoxidil as a baldness treatment and hair regrower, for use in those with alopecia - which is the medical word for baldness.

Male pattern baldness is becoming a thing of the past, as herbalists and others work out formulas that can cause hair to regrow and florish, even when there are strong genetic forces at work in male pattern baldness.

You can order or read more about Provillus by clicking here.


There are a few natural hair loss treatments that may help reverse the effects of male pattern baldness, especially if used with the hair loss treatment products described above.

The first hair loss treatment / remedy seems a bit far fetched, but who knows? The next 2 hair loss treatments after it make sense though: By increasing blood flow to the hair follicles safely, you are encouraging the nutrients to reach the hair follicles as well, thereby encouraging hair regrowth.

The finger nail natural remedy for male pattern baldness:

Firstly, and most effectively, you can rub the fingernails on both of your hands against each other - 3 times a day for minutes each time.

Although this natural baldness remedy seems very simple and unbelievable, it has been known to almost miraculously cure male pattern baldness and gray hair.

Even if you are not experiencing thinning of hair of any sort, you can use this technique to help prevent any form of balding of taking place in the future.

OK, as the new owner of whatcausesbaldness.net, this finger nail hair loss treatment seems unbelievable! Please let me know if you find it works for you.


The reclining head natural remedy for male pattern baldness

Secondly, laying down with your head slightly lower than your body, will encourage and improve blood flow from the scalp to the hair follicles, thus encouraging hair to grow.  Again, another easy natural remedy to help control or prevent male pattern baldness.


The scalp massage method is another of the natural remedies for male pattern baldness.

Thirdly, massage the scalp daily, or more often, will help stimulate the area and get the blood passing over to the hair follicles, encouraging hair growth.


Male Hair Loss Treatments in Conclusion

Will any of these three male baldness medications give you the head of hair you remember yourself as having when you were younger?  Probably not.

There really is no absolute cure for hair loss, there is no drug or product in the market that treats hair loss or baldness to the point where it is completely eliminated.

Those drugs of choice in different hospitals or drug stores will only assist in regrowing hair or preventing further baldness.

However, if you look at the before and after photos above for Provillus, you can see that although the result may not be perfect, you may be able to achieve a very outstanding result, one which I think is quite dramatic and acceptable for most balding men.

So, yes, male baldness medications do have a real part to play.

Our newer web site - Hair replacement choices - contains a medical perspective on hair replacement strategies that you may be very interested in as well, it may save you $1000's in the long run.


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