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Full baldness is very rare in anyone, but even much more so in women Hair loss and baldness are only a problem if it causes emotional or psychological problems.



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Premature Balding in Females and It's Treatment

Hair thinning or balding in females can be a difficult time, not only because of the fact that it is so clear to see but because it lowers the confidence of the woman.

Premature hair loss is a common enough among females, but the good news is that it can be mostly dealt with if the exact cause is known.

Premature balding in females is normally defined as hair loss or balding beginning when aged below 30 years.

Also, premature balding in females normally refers to premature hair thinning, in which the hair becomes sparser over the scalp. True complete baldness, as such, is exceptionally rare.

There are some very rare genetic premature female baldness conditions which cause the hair to completely fall out, and nothing much can be done in these cases, except look for an excellent wig maker.

There is one female actor I know of who

This nice lady was kind enough to consent to having her photo taken, even though her female baldness was quite advanced.
sufferred complete premature baldness. Wigs allowed her to continue on with her acting career. Always remember, even as a female with complete premature baldness, though it may be emotionally disturbing to you now, you can overcome and get on and have a good life.


Female pattern baldness is thought to be the most common reason for hair loss in balding females.

The body produces some extra testosterone which effects the hormones and in turn, will cause havoc with the natural hair's normal growing cycle.

When this happens, too much hair is shed, more often than not some of the hair follicles then die.

Around ninety percent of female hair loss is caused by Female pattern baldness.

Women who are between their upper 30's  and 40's usually will not produce the same amount of estrogen. This lack of estrogen can be a cause of hair loss.

This lack of estrogen can cause much less hair growth as well.

So it becomes a double wammy for female balding:  Reduced hair growth and increased hair loss.


Poor nutrition can cause female premature balding

If it is because of something like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), maybe a similar disease along those lines, then the body may have difficulty in absorbing the right amounts of nutrients.

Get things back to the way they were and the hair will return.  Easier said than done, as you cant really turn Irritable Bowel Syndrome off.

However, regular blood tests may be able to show any nutrient you may be deficient in that may be contributuing to your female baldness.  Then you supplement the missing nutrients.


Drugs and medications that may cause premature female baldness and hair loss

There's many treatments and solutions which may cause balding in women, like chemotherapy, mood disorder medicine, thyroid hormones,  shortage of a thyroid hormone and some antidepressants.

If you read the information pamphlet with the side effects of the treatments, and find hair loss is written as a one of the possible side effects, you should consider the medication a possible cause of your female baldness, and see your doctor about changing the medication.

However, just because balding, alopecia or hair loss or thinning may be mentioned as a possible side effect, does not mean that everyone will experience balding if they use that treatment.


Behavior and Emotional disorders can also cause premature hair loss and balding:

Trichotillomania, the urge to pull out your own hair, has a good chance of ending up with balding. To much hair pulling may damage the follicles so badly that they are unable to grow hair, and this is the reason why it should be seen to as quickly as possible.

Also, behavioural and emotional disorders are normally acompanied by some level of considerable stress, and that stress may lead to hair loss and baldness.


Premature Female Hair Loss and Baldness Treatments

At his moment, the FDA has only approved a small number of hair loss and balding treatments.

The better known ones are Provillus, Rogaine and Propecia.  Rogaine is FDA approved for countering hair loss in women.  Propecia has been found useful, but requiring more studies. Provillus also makes their hair regrowth formulas for both men and women, but the formulas are different - they specifically made their hair restorer for females to be female specific in it's actions.

The best premature female baldness and hair loss treatments for women are possibly the topical applications. 

Taking pills or solution by mouth, may generate hair regrowth, but it may also appear on areas of the female body where females don't want it - like the back or the chest - that's why the topical ones are best for female baldness and hair loss.


Herbal Remedies for premature female hair loss and baldness

As there are so many herbal remedies for sale, it is wise to look into these remedies before buying.  Don't believe the testimonials and the hard sell. 

Many unscrupulous companies try to market their products which have no effect on your balding problem.

The best herbal hair loss solutions which treat balding in females have been shown in tests to stimulate re-growth and slow down loss of hair.

Popular natural remedies such as Gingko biloba, Green tea, stinging nettle and saw palmetto are also sought after for  premature balding in women.

However, I personally have strong doubts about those popular home remedies, as they don't appear in my herbal books as being used for female baldness.  If you are going to go the natural remedy way, I would suggest Sage tea and Burdock tea may work far better to stimulate hair growth.


Homeopathic Remedies for female baldness and hair loss

Homeopathic remedies make some nice claims about reversing female baldness and premature hair loss, but I also don't think they work. 

One of my writers looked into homeopathy remedies for me, she was also a fully university trained chemist type professional, and she told me that the molecular concentration of active ingredients in homeopathic solutions was so small, that it failed to reach thresh hold levels for absorbtion into the human body.


Lifestyle and female baldness and hair loss

The stress of living and the poor diet of todays type of lifestyle, can impact on the health of your hair, causing female premature balding - make sure you have a good balance in your diet of all the major food groups and learn to relax.


Photo of balding woman courtesy of the lady and her photographer, Greenfinger.

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