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Full baldness is very rare in anyone, but even much more so in women Hair loss and baldness are only a problem if it causes emotional or psychological problems.



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Hair Transplant Surgery: The Truth

Hair transplant surgery is now more generally available than ever before.

Hair transplants have also become very popular, with people choosing hair transplant surgery as a way of restoring their hair.

Hair cloning has been a goal of scientific research for quite some time.

There is no doubt that hair loss surgery is a very effective method for beating baldness.

Hair transplant surgery and what use to happen - one horror story

In short, with hair transplant surgery, a hair bearing part of the scalp is removed. Then it is fixed on to a bald part of the scalp, where it then normally regrows hair.

As time has progressed, so has the technology, thus making hair transplant surgery easier and with better results.

In the beginning of hair transplant surgery, hair transplants were not always as good as they are today. 

Indeed, one of my friends had hair transplant surgery years ago, and it was a disaster.  He had smidgeons of hair all over his head, but there wasn't enough hair spread round to make it look right by any stretch of the imagination - so he didn't look normal, as he was no longer looking like a normal balding male would.


Hair transplant surgery today and in more detail

The hair transplant operation is a highly delicate surgery which takes in the region of four hours to perform.

The surgeon will extract a part of the hair and tissue from a good growth area of the scalp.

Much care and attention is taken when extracting this skin tissue, as it is very important that the follicular cells are not damaged.

The surgeon uses a microscope when implanting the hair - the area receiving the skin graft is punctured with a needle with the hair inserted at the same time.

The tissue is arranged in a pre determined density and then the extracted grafts are put into the hair loss areas individually.

About fifty grafts for every square centimeter is considered enough for thicker hair density.

When the surgery is performed correctly, the results can be amazing and it is difficult to tell that the hair implant surgery has been performed.

The benefits of hair transplant surgery is that it is ideal for those who want a quick fix. 


Helping to make sure your hair transplant surgery is performed competently

However, you really need to be certain that the surgeon who is going to undertake the surgery is both qualified and experienced in hair transplant surgery.

Do not be afraid to ask to see photos of the surgeons hair grafting, and do ask your doctor about the surgeons reputation for this surgery.

Any reputable hair transplant establishment will have no problems in supplying references for you to feel satisfied.

But if you are unsure about the smallest detail of the surgeon's competence to perform the hair transplant surgery on YOU, it is suggested that you look elsewhere.


Not much hair left for hair transplanting surgery? Try "follicular cell implementation"

A UK firm (year 2008) has developed hair cloning.  They take a few of your own hairs - including the hair follicles obviously - and clone them ad infinitum until there is enough to recover your head with your own new hair, apparently ending baldness for ever.



Photo of balding man courtesy of Puravida

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