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Full baldness is very rare in anyone, but even much more so in women Hair loss and baldness are only a problem if it causes emotional or psychological problems.



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Can Bleaching Hair Cause Baldness?

Bleaching can indeed cause hair loss, as can dying, coloring, styling, tinting can cause hair loss and baldness.

Generally speaking, although such hair loss may be very worrying for the sufferer, such hair loss from bleaching and so on will normally have the hair grow back if the scalp and hair are given time to heal.

Hair loss through bleaching is a lifestyle factor and can be easily avoided in the future by being much more careful in the application of such strong chemicals.

The above assumes that the hair follicles have not been damaged by the bleaching etc process. If they have been, then hair regrowth may not be possible.

Bleaching hair can make it look very nice and, if done properly, no permanent loss of hair is anticipated.

Improper Hair Care - Bleaching and strong chemicals can severely damage hair and cause hair loss.

It is frustrating – especially if you have hair problems – to see people with full, healthy heads of hair treating their hair badly in ignorance.

Bleaching, dying, tight hair-styles – they can all have harmful effects on the hair.

Coloring, perming or bleaching hair can often cause thinning by making strands weaker.

Hair-styles that pull hair tight, such as pony tails and braids, also cause baldness by dislodging hair from its roots.

Chemicals used in tinting and dying hair also may cause damage, and, consequently, cause hair to fall off.

Using permanent hair colorings too soon after the last one, can cause hair to go spongy and fall out and break easy.  That happened to my wife once.  It was quite a fearful time for her.

Hair dyes are commonly used by women, and they are catching on with men.

Too much dying may lead to hair loss and baldness.

It may look nice, give you a new look, but some people would say any dye is too much dye.

Hair dyes can lead onto hair loss and baldness if used too often.  Some people would say, you shouldn't use them at all.

It is not any better in the hair salons, however.

Bleaching is bleaching, chemicals are chemicals, no matter where you have your hair done.

Styling pulls the hair tightly against the scalp, and excessive styling will cause the hair to weaken and fall off, a loss called “traction alopecia.” As long as this is stopped before any scarring of the scalp occurs, the hair will grow back to its normal density.

It is also extremely bad to expose your hair to hot oil treatments and other chemicals besides those used in temporary dying, as inflammation is possible, and this may also lead to scarring of the scalp, and, consequently, permanent hair loss.


To reduce the risk of hair loss and hair follicle damage, bleaching, permanents, colorings etc should not be done all at once!

It is best to space them out, maybe a week or more apart.

When you do several of these hair damaging procedures at one time, you greatly increase the risk of losing your hair and damaging the follicles.

Sure, a salon will take your money and tint your hair, bleach areas of hair for high lights, then permanent your hair in the style you choose, but don't be surprised to spend your vacation extravaganza under a hat, hiding the mess that is left there. You wouldn't be the first person to find out that the hard way. Sure, you might get away with it, but do you really want to risk what good turn out to be permanent hair loss and damage?


The problem of confronting the salon of over bleaching your hair and causing your hair loss and or areas of baldness

Firstly, most aren't likely to accept responsibility for damaging your hair, particularly if the bleach or dye or permanent caused follicle death, as they know you can sue them for disfiguring you. So don't expect too much information from them about what to do or how serious the hair loss is - some may surprise you though.

Secondly, the stress of having your hair damaged by bleach and dyes and permanents, can cause another hair loss condition, called areata alopecia. Areata alopecia can mean that you lose hair from other areas of your scalp that may not have even had any bleach or dye or permanent placed on it!

In this instance Areata alopecia is stress induced hair loss, but as psychological stress does not cause damage to the hair follicles, expect the hair to regrow as the stress subsides. However, this does not mean that any follicle death from the bleaching dying permanents will be reversed.



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