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Full baldness is very rare in anyone, but even much more so in women Hair loss and baldness are only a problem if it causes emotional or psychological problems.



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Stress can cause Baldness and Hair Loss

Yes, baldness can come from being stressed too much for too long.

Stress is all around us. Stress surrounds us everywhere without us realizing.

We have come to accept stress in out lives as normal.

Everyday we have to stand in line for something, wait at traffic lights or get interrupted while speaking.

Stress and anxiety can be a major cause of hair loss, thinning and baldness in todays fast moving world.

All of these normal stress things can cause hair loss and balding, if you allow them to build up and have no outlet.


Dealing with stress to prevent or counteract balding, can be done in many ways.

You may not be able to eliminate stress. However, you may be able to stem it before it gets too great.

Things like regular exercise and good diet are two important keys. Just by adapting your life to incorporate these two things can make a difference in lowering your stress and stop balding.

When a stressful situation does occur, by looking after yourself on a regular basis, will mean that you and your body will be more equipped to deal with stressful events when they occur.


Many folks are unsure how to handle stress to keep their hair.

This can lead to them developing some strange and sometimes unhealthy habit, which may even contribute to their hair loss or growing baldness.

These may include smoking, drinking alcohol and comfort eating.

This may feel like a way for beating stress when the person is doing one or more of these things, but the long term effects are often not good - often creating more stress and physical weakness.

Other unhealthy ways of dealing with stress can involve nail biting and hair pulling.

Even worse, some people do absolutely nothing.


How does stress cause baldness and hair loss?

Trouble is, if we don't have a healthy way for dealing with stress, it can effect our emotional state, which can have a knock on effect to our hormones.

Once the hormones are out of balance, many strange things may start happening to our bodies. Hair loss can be one of them as any hormonal imbalance can interrupt the normal hair growing cycle.

This is why we all need a healthy outlet for our stress. Stress is all around us in our lives today and it may be the reason why your hair me be going.


Want more stress help to stop premature balding and hairloss?

I recall one prisoner, who did a stress management course run by myself ( I'm a psychologist ).  He became so able to control his stress that even when a major error happened that kept him in a medium security prison, he remained calm the whole time, much to the astonishment of other workers.

Stress management courses can and do work, when they are run and taught properly.

Learn how to deal with stress in a healthy way and you may see a positive change with your hair loss woes.



Photo of stressed person courtesy of KennKiser.

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