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Full baldness is very rare in anyone, but even much more so in women Hair loss and baldness are only a problem if it causes emotional or psychological problems.



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Causes of Thinning Hair in Woman

There are two types of hair thinning. One is hair thinning related to more hair being lost than is replaced, while the second type of hair thinning refers to the narrowing of the hair strands.

Both types of hair thinning are pretty much treatable the same way.

In relation to the hair thinning revolving around the narrowing of hair strands, it is very much attributable to age. From about the late 40's or so, the hair strands diminsh in their diameter.

hair thinning in women is sort of their counterpart to male baldness - they don't go bald  for the most part, their hair just thins out a bit.
You may recall having heard your aunt or mum mentioning how fine their hair has become. This is the type of hair thinning they were likely talking of - the strand narrowing type hair thinning.

To some extent you can combat both types of hair thinning by the methods below, as well as by using shampoos and conditioners and the like that give the hair more body - they often achieve this by coating the hair, thereby making it more thicker.

What causes thinning hair in women?

• Changes in hormones can cause hair thinning– this may lead to a fast loss of hair, like that in the pre-natal or post-natal stage of pregnancy, or using a contraceptive pill.

When the hormones return to normal, the hair thinning in women that was caused by the imbalance, becomes corrected, and regrowth of hair occurs.

• Changes in hormones due to menopause can cause hair thinning - estrogen normally helps hair to grow well in women, but, the closer you get to menopause, the estrogen production reduces, reducing the hair growth rate. 

Also, the hair follicles in women have been found to reduce in size as they approach menopause, leading to much narrower strands of hair.

So as menopause approaches or passes, the hair is physically weaker, so will break off more readily, and wont grow as much, hence you have hair thinning.

• Another factor in female hair thinning is due to stress – Apparently when our stress and anxiety is high, our hair may slow hair growing and start hair thinning.

Controlling the stress and anxiety should reverse the hair thinning in women that was caused by this.

• The normal extent of hair thinning in women – When a woman gets older, her hair thins out too, but it will not result in the baldness that men get. 

Ladies tend to keep their hair over their heads, it's just a bit thinned out - whereas with men, a horse shoe of hair is typically left, with the front and top completely bald.

• The development of, or pattern of, hair thinning in women – The pattern of a women’s hair loss is similar in some respect to the male pattern of baldness, although there are various essential differences, that are explained here.

• Age is another cause of hair thinning in women – The age at which hair thinning in women occurs, is also similar to the age at which men start to go bald. Rarely before age 30 years will thinning in women occur, but after age 30, some level of hair thinning often occurs.

If you have treated the causes of hair thinning, and your hair still remains thinned out, then it may be time to try something, like Provillus.

Provillus may well be able to regrow your hair, putting an end to your thinning hair loss, and if it doesn't, claim your money back guarantee, as it claims to work on women.

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