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Pregnancy Hair Loss / Hair Thinning / Balding

Not all women have hair loss as a result of pregnancy. In fact many pregnant ladies report their hair becoming thicker.

It is, however, common for pregnant women to have hair loss and some degree of female baldness during the pregnancy (female baldness is very different to a males, more akin to just a few fewer hairs during pregnancy, but sometimes lots of scalp hair is lost).

The female balding and hair loss condition can be shocking to some pregnant women.  Pregnancy induced hair loss is not something that is commonly talked about, in fact, hardly ever talked about, and the vast majority of women wouldn’t expect to be losing hair, unless something was going terribly wrong.

There is no treatment for female baldness and hair loss caused by pregnancy. This is partly because the hair loss treatments may be dangerous to an unborn or breast feeding child.

Fortunately, because pregnancy induced baldness and hair loss is due to the hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, the hair loss is really only very temporary.

Growing hairs comprise certain structures:  Hair follicles are the root of the hair; this is the flexible structure of epithelial origin.

The hair structure extending out of the surface of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, is know as the shaft.

Although the hair root is a living structure, the shaft is made of dead cells.

In pregnancy, it is the dead cells that are not being replaced in the hair, the shafts break off perhaps easier too, but the follicles are still very much alive and well, so when the pregnancy hormones subside, return to normal, the follicles again start reproducing the hair.

Pregnancy induced baldish patches and thinning are then filled with new hair regrowth.


Dealing with the embarrassment of baldness, alopecia and hair loss caused by pregnancy

You should not be embarrassed over these things that are happening in your body, but pregnancy hair loss, not being a condition talked about much, well, many people may think you suffer from cancer or something - NOT REALLY TRUE - most, if not all, wont notice any difference in the way your hair looks.

Discussion with other woman who have had babies or who are pregnant, may show you that you are not alone in your suffering with pregnancy baldness or hair loss.

Just give it a little more time, chin up and remember that it is not worth your worries at all.  There should be a healthy, wonderful and probably bald baby in your midst sooner or later.   Bald baby?  Yes, lots of babies are bald too - think about it, you can both grow hair together :)

Try distracting yourself of any uneasiness caused by pregnancy hair loss and balding, normally in a month or two the lost hair will regrow again and a life of hair and happiness will be brought back - apart from sleepless nights, nappy changes, and baby crying...

Don't worry about your hair loss and thinning, instead focus on the baby ahead.


Some hair facts a pregnant woman may be interested in

Hair has major and minor pigments, that is planted in the chains of protein, in the hair fibers.

Melanin is one of the major types of pigment, this is a polymeric pigment that is colored brown-black, and is also accountable for the skins coloration.

The other pigment, phaeomelanin, is coming from a red pigment that is containing iron, hence red hair.

While in pregnancy, our hair is often at its best, or even better, as the presence of oestrogen produces an environment conducive to hair growth, and your hair may even have a more glossy appearance. If this extra growth should happen to you, then anticipate that you may suffer from post partum hair loss, aka post natal hair loss.


Photo of pregnant lady courtesy of  Kornrolla / Photo of baby courtesy of Idahoeditor


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