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Full baldness is very rare in anyone, but even much more so in women Hair loss and baldness are only a problem if it causes emotional or psychological problems.



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Herbal DHT Products - eg Saw Palmetto - for Hair Loss and Baldness

What is DHT?

DHT, is an abbreviation for dihydrotestosterone. DHT is a hormone produced from the metabolism of testosterone within the body.  DHT can cause baldness and hair loss by it's effects on the hair follicles.


What does DHT do?

Once our bodies hits puberty, the sex hormones are permeating our body tissues via blood circulation.

Testosterone interacts with the androgen receptors, and the androgen receptors are responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

When DHT reaches the dermal papilla, which is the skin responsible for feeding the hair follicles, the DHT will limit the proteins, minerals and vitamins, available to the dermal papilla, thereby reducing their availability to the hair follicles. When this happens, it can cause your hair to stop growing, fall out, or grow weakly.

Essentially, DHT puts the hair follicles to 'sleep', preventing hair from growing; DHT doesn't kill the hair follicles as such.


Do you need to run out and buy DHT anti-balding / hairloss products?

Most of the time, hair loss is temporary when it occurs below about 30 years of age.

With temporary hair loss, the hair usually grows back after the problem that causes it is corrected. The DHT hair loss and balding products will likely do nothing of worth for temporary baldness or hair loss conditions.

There are actually many causes of hair loss and balding. In order to know whether you need to start the DHT anti-balding products, you need to identify whether DHT is the likely cause of your loss, and this may mean a trip to your doctor.


The anti DHT herbal products to stop hair loss and baldness - sometimes reverse it.

Saw Palmetto and Evening Primrose Oil have been found effective for counteracting DHT in some people.


Saw Palmetto for Hair loss and Baldness

From a hair loss and baldness perspective, the herb - saw palmetto - stands out as the main one for reducing the levels of DHT that may be causing your baldness and hair loss - if you are a male.

Saw Palmetto dosage is around 160 milligrams, twice daily for hair loss and balding.

Saw Palmetto has been found to reduce the level of DHT (DiHydroTestosterone), which causes hair follicles to stop growing hair.

It may also reduce the action of 5-alpha-reductase, which means reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT. 

Male pattern baldness is caused by DHT, and Saw Palmetto can counteract DHT, thereby apparently counteracting some of the baldness and hair loss.

Both these effects of Saw Palmetto are important when looking at preventing or stopping hair loss and baldness, as well as to regrow the hair.

Saw Palmetto is sold as a herbal product in it's own right, or as part of a multi-herbal product - i.e. normally natural ingredients with no added additives.

One adverse side effect, which is questionable, may be that saw palmetto may increase the level of estrogen hormones in the blood plasma, but this is considered insufficent to produce female attributes.


Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss and Baldness

Is about the only other herbal DHT product, apart from Saw Palmetto, that works to stops the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

130 milligrams GLA concentration, in a 1,300 milligram capsule of this herb is what I'd be after.


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