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Full baldness is very rare in anyone, but even much more so in women Hair loss and baldness are only a problem if it causes emotional or psychological problems.



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Natural Treatment and Home Remedies For Hair Loss and Baldness

There are many natural treatments and cures for hair loss and baldness, and I will outline some of the most effective and often simple home remedies for you.

Either lucky with their genes or maybe they found a treatment for baldness and hair loss.

All of these natural treatments and remedies for hair loss and baldness are home recipes

So use with caution -- not every hair loss and baldness home remedy will be the epiphany of hair restoration techinques.

It may be a matter or trial and error, finding the right home remedy that works for you.  For some, the home remedies may not work.

Herbal Home remedies for baldness and hair loss is also an option to consider.

Egg Yolk - Hair Loss Natural Treatment 1:

Cover and massage the scalp with an uncooked egg yolk, and don't take it off for an hour, after which you should wash it off.

Castor Oil - Hair Loss Natural Treatment 2:

Cover the scalp and hair roots with castor oil, but avoid the hair -- if necessary, protect the hair with a newspaper, tying it with a cloth and sleeping overnight, then washing in the morning.

If done every week to 10 days, results will be seen after 6-7 treatments.

Massage - Hair Loss Natural Treatment 3:

Rubbing and massaging the scalp with olive oil should reduce hair loss.

Emu Oil - Hair Loss Natural Treatment 4:

Yes emu oil.  When I talk about this to people all the jokes under the sun come out.  People imagine walkig around with an emu on their head. 

This home remedy for stimulating new hair growth on bald spots does work, but the hair regrowth is more like a small fuzz of hair covering the baldness, not proper regrowth as such.

Found out about emu oil stimulating hair growth on bald people, when one of my relatives was rubbing it into his bald spot. 

He's been bald on the top for many years, but suddenly the fuzz appeared, he got all excited, we could all see it.  

The hair did not grow beyond a fuzz though, and eventually he just stopped using it.

Apple cider - Hair Loss Natural Treatment 5:

Apple cider, directly applied to the hair thinning area on the head, has been reported as regrowing hair and or as stimulating hair to grow more, though I have to wonder if the result is more like that of the emu oil.

Finger nail rubbing is apparently a natural hair loss treatment 6:

Yes, this is an interesting natural hair loss treatment, and one that I am now trying out for myself!

You rub the finger nails of your left hand against the finger nails of your right, for five minutes each time, three times each day.

This natural hair loss treatment mystifies me, yet it apparently helps some regain their their and get the gray out of their hair.

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